Easy e-mail addresses

The following guide will help you access your e-mails and send e-mails:

1) Using your own PC
2) Using a "friendly" PC
3) An Internet Café
4) Any other computer

1)Using your own PC - if you have an existing internet connection

You will need to configure your software as follows:We recommend that you create a separate internet connection for each e-mail address you have so that individual privacy of your messages is maintained.

A) Using Microsoft Outlook Express (download instructions in MS Word)
-Click: Tools> Accounts>Accounts>Mail
-Click on your default connection
-Click on servers
-Note down your outgoing mail (SMTP) connection details
-Then return to Internet accounts page and click on "Add", "Mail"
-Then using the Internet Wizard take the following steps:

YOUR NAME Enter the name you wish to appear in the field of the outgoing message; Click Next

Click "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use " then enter your new e-mail address in the field.
This must be the same as you have been advised and is case sensitive;Click next

Incoming mail : wevegotmail.co.uk

Outgoing mail (STMP) server Enter your existing internet connection in this field; Click next

Enter the account name and password we have issued to you, EXACTLY
As it is shown; Click next and Click Finish

B) Using Eudora (download instructions in MS Word)

1. With Eudora opened, refer to the Tools menu, and select Options. This will open a dialog box with several settings items in the lefthand side. First, select "Personal Info", which will produce the following settings to input:

POP Account
Real Name
Return Address
Dialup Username

2. For the POP Account setting, you would set according to the following, using your POP username and the Pathlink POP Server setting. Please replace "username" with your specific POP username:


3. For Real Name, feel free to set with a name of your choosing. Most tend to use their first and/or last name.

4. For Return Address, please set with your wevegotmail email address, according to the following. Please replace "emailname" with your specific email address name:


For Dialup Username, this can be left blank, as no settings are required.

5. From here, click the "Hosts" option in the lefthand column. The following items will appear:

POP Account

For POP Account, this should already be filled in, with the setting you made in the previous section. For SMTP, input the following:

your ISP details

The Ph and Finger sections can be left blank.

6. That should cover it for the settings, and you can now click the OK button to save. From here, in order to check incoming mail messages, refer to the File menu, and select the option to "Check Mail". You can also use the keyboard sequence "Ctrl+M" as a shortcut. When prompted, input your password for your wevegotmail account, and new messages will appear.

To send a message, refer to the Message menu, and select "New Message". You can also use the keyboard sequence "Ctrl+N" as a shortcut. A message box will appear, with the From line defaulted to your email address. From there, input the email address you're sending to in the To field, the Subject of your message, and then type your message in the body. Click the Send button once finished to send your message.

2) Using a "friendly" PC

Follow the procedures for using your own PC but unless you wish for all your e-mails to be downloaded every time the "friendly" PC is used then do not tick the box that says "remember my password"

Your e-mails will then only he available when you log on and enter your password

3) An Internet Café

The safest way to access your e-mails in an Internet Café is by using the procedures shown under "Any other computer". However you can equally use the procedures under 1) or 2) above remembering that what you have set up as an internet connection will remain on the computer in the Internet Café unless your delete the account.

4) Any other computer

This option can be used on any computer anywhere in the world, which has an internet connection. It will enable you to access your e-mails and also to send e-mails over a secure connection.

First make a connection to http://webmail.wevegotmail.com
Enter you e-mail address in full remember this is case sensitive
Enter your password remember this is case sensitive

You will now be able to view all your e-mails and will also be able to reply or to send new e-mails. Because you have not made a permanent e-mail connection on the computer you will not leave any elements of your security details on the computer for others to see.

You can also view your e-mails by making a connection to www.weve-got-mail.co.uk and the use the check or send your e-mails now link which will take you to the webmail site as above


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