Easy e-mail addresses


If you are wondering about the necessity of owning an independent e-mail address, it is probably because you have never used a "free" internet e-mail address.

Lists of these so called "free" e-mail addresses are sold to anyone who wants to buy them, and it is the reason why so much Junk mail is sent to the owners of these e-mail addresses.

With a wevegotmail address you can be sure that we will not sell on your address.Your e-mail address will remain secure.

Here are some other reasons why it makes sense to use our services:

· Secure POP3 e-mail addresses -- NO JUNK MAIL
· An e-mail address that you keep without having to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

· An annual fee to keep your address -- NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES

· You will never have to change your e-mail address, even if you change your ISP

· E-mail access anywhere in the world to send or receive e-mails from any PC which has a connection to the Internet

· E-mail your friends/family even while you are on holiday

· Send Photographs, messages or letters to anyone anywhere for the cost of a local telephone call
(download times may be affected by large files or photographs)

· Have a secure e-mail address which you can give to all your family and friends

· An e-mail address without a computer
· Communicate in the 21st century the modern way


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